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Made from engineered fibreboard, this edition case is a blank canvas.

Colour match to your favourite vintage guitar or car. Surf green to midnight purple. 


A huge range of beautiful real wood veneers is also an offer. Whilst sourcing expensive boards of exotic hardwood can be a challenge, a veneer is an excellent alternative. Real wood veneer boasts excessive choice at a reasonable cost.




There is a huge range of colours and finishes to choose from. This finish is sprayed to a high automotive standard. 


Pick from a range of colours and materials to line the inside and out of your case. See the Colours page.

No aesthetic is too ambitious. If it can be imagined, it can be made. Contact me if you have an idea in mind.


For all other features check out the Specs page.


Wood veneer is a thin slice of wood, approximately 0.6mm thick on this occasion. It is often sliced from the select most beautiful boards of wood. 

I lay veneer using traditional hide glue and a veneer hammer. A centuries-old method. The result is a seamless solid hardwood aesthetic. However, the door frame is solid wood. I will match the species of wood to the veneer if possible. 

There is a huge variety of species available on the market. See the Veneers page below.

Prices will vary depending on the design. The price for a painted or veneered Infinity Case will start at £1599

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